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By Giovanni Black on 03/09/2018

-Our second family!

By Dina Ciambruschini on 03/06/2018

-Very professional and caring staff. I immediately felt comfortable in Dr. Coombs care.

By Anonymous on 02/22/2018

-Very friendly very helpful bin going for years

By Nicole Cutti on 02/09/2018

-Everyone in this office is absolutely amazing and so caring. I was so nervous to go but  now I can’t wait for my next appointment!!

By Anonymous on 02/02/2018

-I am so pleased every time I leave the office.

By Gary Breton on 01/18/2018

-As always, I have friendly, professional, and effective visits with Dr. Rob and his  staff

By Mary Buletza on 01/09/2018

- Regular adjustments keep me on the straight and narrow!

By Andrea Martinetti on 01/08/2018

 -I have never been to any medical/chiropractic office that shows so much care and compassion for the patients. I am a regular patient and everyone is treated with respect and concern for their treatment. Dr. Rob and his staff are just great. I just can' t say enough good things about this office. Since I have been going to Dr. Rob, I feel great and have learned quite a lot about keeping myself and my family healthy. It would be wonderful if health care could always be this way.

By Richard Lanza on 12/20/2017

-Dr. Rob and his team and so knowledgeable and friendly. My kids love going there and the best part is they have stood so healthy this year and I know it’s because of Coombs Chiropractic.

By Justin Hager on 12/15/2017

-Dr. Coombs is amazing.

by Nathaniel Norman on 12/13/2017

-My whole family loves visiting Dr. Coombs. We always leave learning something new and feeling great.

by Sergey Bortsov on 10/09/2017

- The staff is great. Rob is unbelievable, my whole family goes there. Thank you guys!

by Lauren Andersen on 09/27/2017

-Dr. Rob is great!

By Tara MacGlashan on 08/16/2017

-Dr. Rob is knowledgeable about the whole person. He is thoughtful and caring in regard to his diagnosis. He always looks at why something is happening and does not look for the quick fix or to put a band aide on the issue. The positive vibe pervades the entire staff and office.

By Bruce Newton on 08/08/2017

- I always enjoy my appointments at Dr. Rob's! The entire staff is so friendly, helpful and so dedicated to making your visit relaxing. Dr. Rob is a joy to be around, not only is he extremely gifted at what he does, he makes you feel at ease at once. Initially I wasn't sure how I would respond to going to a Chiropractor, however, I now feel it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

By Jay O'Connor on 07/27/2017

-Extreme Care!

By Georgette Mullen on 06/30/2017

-We have been patients for years!! Love Dr. Coombs and his entire office!!

By Jack Boyle on 06/08/2017

-A very friendly professional staff that has greatly enhanced my health thanks to their great care.

By Arlene Cardone on 05/31/2017

-Dr. Rob is the very best!!!

By James Fitzgibbons on 05/28/2017

-I have been going to Chiropractors for over 50 years and Dr Coombs is one of the best and most careing Doctors I have had the pleasure to use. His staff also are extremely a joy to work with.

By John Gallagher on 05/11/2017

-Coombs Chiropractic goes above and beyond to provided families with the knowledge of how to either get back to and/or maintain balanced health. Dr. Coombs specializes in chiropractic care and adds to that a wealth of knowledge about how are bodies function, how to better promote a healthy body through exercise and proper nutrition, as well as how to navigate through the chaos of our current medical field. I recommend Coombs Chiropractic to anyone that wants to get health or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By Sergey Bortsov on 04/09/2017

-Dr. Coombs has been treating me over the past month and I can honestly say that I could not function without his care. The entire staff is friendly  and always willing to assist me whenever I have any questions. I have referred My family members and they are very pleased with the office. I would highly recommend him, for Dr. Coombs patient comes first. Thank you!

By Ray Saunders on 03/26/2017

-Dr. Rob Coombs is a great chiropractor. He also has a open mind. The information you can obtain from him and his office is imaginable. Once you get to know him asking a health question is like asking Google.

By Pat Pizza on 03/25/2017

- I couldn't ask for a better Chiropractor then Dr. Coombs.. I have seen a few over the past 30 years, and Dr. Coombs has been the best thing since white bread... I was unable to do a lot of things prior to Dr. Rob. I am able to move much better then previous.. Thank you Dr. Rob for making me human again.

By Susan Kennel on 03/25/2017

- What can I say about a practice that has not only changed my life but has become a way of life! Dr. Rob has an uncanny and reassuring way of putting you back together again no matter how messed up you are!

By Colleen Black on 03/24/2017

- We had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Rob and his staff. Our second baby was presenting breech at 36 weeks and I was referred to Dr. Rob's practice for the Webster technique. Within a week (3 sessions), baby had flipped and was presenting optimally for a natural birth. Dr. Rob is extremely knowledgeable regarding the benefits of chiropractic within pregnancy. He even provided education to my husband regarding how to manipulate tight ligaments during the birthing process if needed. Overall, I've felt very comfortable, informed, and supported throughout my treatments and I look forward to continued chiropractic care with Dr. Rob's practice.

By Carly Hutchinson on 03/10/2017

-Dr. Coombs and his staff are so helpful & knowledgeable. They are amazing with me, my husband and my kids. I've also gained a plethora of information that is so important to our health. I am so thankful for him & his staff!!!

By Bruce Newton on 02/07/2017

-Such a relaxed, pleasant environment with wonderful staff! Dr. Rob is awesome at what he does. Prior to coming to Coombs Chiropractic, I didn't have much faith in Chiropractors, until I started coming to Dr. Rob! Now I don't know how I got along without him!

By Melanie Jablonski on 02/01/2017

-It is with great admiration that I write this review praising the work of Dr. Rob Coombs. I have known Dr. Rob approximately 4 years. He is a   compassionate and caring man. I have many back issues and have been on pain Meds and pain patches for years. Dr. Rob has helped me immensely. I've been going twice a week for a few years and under his care my back Pain has been reduced severely. I no longer wear pain patches or need a pain pill. My ability to walk and move have improved as well as my level of energy. All of these things are life changing. In addition to the body work he provides...he thrives on educating his practice as well as the public. He hosts information seminars on Tuesday evenings with Topics ranging from hydration and water, over the counter meds, nutrition, stress and the body, To gentle yoga on the beach and all types of topics in between. The general public is extremely uneducated on basic health principles. It's a shame that we only seek conventional medicine until we are too sick or damaged that we are forced to look elsewhere. This journey into preventative care has been an eye opener for me. I will sing Dr. Coombs praises from the rooftops as long as I'm able while he continues to change people's lives one patient at a time. Thank you again Dr. Rob! 

By Molly MacGlashan on 01/20/2017

-Love Doctor Rob and the entire staff!

By Andrea Martinetti on 01/12/2017

-I look forward to my weekly adjustments with Dr. Rob. Coombs Chiropractic is just such a welcoming and friendly place to be. I just wish all doctor's     offices gave the same care and concern for patients. Dr. Rob is helping me to stay in good health. His weekly "health talks" are always very informative. Thank You Dr. Rob and staff!!! :) Andrea M

By Sandy Jessop on 01/11/2017

- Excellent first experience!

By Anonymous on 12/13/2016

-My family has been seeing Dr. Rob for almost 6 years and he has always been amazing. He has helped me through pregnancy, my sons colic and digestive issues, frequent headaches, and so much more. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Rob but especially pregnant moms and young children!

By Bill Mullen on 12/02/2016

- Friendly office personnel & great adjustment

By Susan Kennel on 12/01/2016

-As always great visit with Dr. Coombs. I feel like my visits every other week help keep me in line, figuratively and literally!

By Anonymous on 11/08/2016

-Great experience!

By Jim Canfield on 10/07/2016


By Rian Silverman on 08/17/2016

-I am so grateful for the attention my family received from Dr. Coombs and his staff. They go above and beyond to accommodate our needs and we all feel so much better for it

By Lydia Applegate on 08/16/2016

-Awesome staff. Easy to get an appointment. Super clean office. Kid/family friendly. Attentive to your specific problems/issues. Very thorough initial exam. Extremely happy thus far.

By Carol DZio on 08/13/2016

-Dr. Combs is extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone

By Mason Lynch on 08/12/2016

-Dr. Rob and all of his staff are simply amazing!!

By Christina Andreola on 07/28/2016

-I was very impressed the second I walked in and was greeted by a warm cheerful staff. The office is state of the art and spotless. I had a very thorough consultation and felt immediately comforted by Dr. Coombs's intuitive approach. I can tell that Dr. Coombs is doing this for the right reasons and look forward to everything I will gain from coming here.

By Anonymous on 06/20/2016

-Dr Coombs and his staff are extremely nice!

By Jaclyn Fuller on 06/11/2016

-I always feel so much better when I leave. Dr. Rob really pays attention to each one of his patients. Very nice atmosphere.

By Louisa Tortorella on 06/08/2016

-doctor was great and made me understand a lot about my body. The women were wonderful and very polite.

By Kylie Hutchinson on 04/29/2016

-Everyone in the office is incredibly friendly, helpful, kind & knowledgeable. We were only going to bring our kids, but my husband and I were so impressed with staff and what they had to offer, we have decided to go as well. My kids enjoy going and typically don't want to leave! Dr. Coombs is helpful with all questions and truly cares about his patients!

By Bob Nadler on 04/14/2016

-The staff was very knowledgeable and very nice. Dr. Coombs was very informative and the amount of attention paid to my wife, daughter and myself was exceptional. I really enjoyed my visit and look forward to my next.

By Anonymous on 03/31/2016

-Friendliest office staff! Wish every doctor's office was like Coombs Chiropractic!

By Andrea Martinetti on 03/16/2016

-I consider Dr. Rob Coombs and his staff my family. When I enter the office, I immediately feel welcome. Questions regarding, health, nutrition and treatments are always welcome. Dr. Rob takes time to explain everything. Dr. Rob has a gentle approach. I always feel great after an adjustment. His health talks on Tuesday nights are always enjoyable and informative. Anyone who is a patient at Coombs Chiropractic is truly lucky!

by Sarah Lane on 03/16/2016

-My family has been under Dr. Rob's care for over 5 years now. Chiropractic care is an essential part of our lives as we work toward ensuring the health of our bodies. I started care with Dr. Rob while pregnant. My midwife expressed concern about the position of the baby and suggested chiropractic care. With the support of chiropractic care my body was easily able to birth my baby at home after a 2 hour labor. Dr. Rob also helped tremendously in supporting my body during the postpartum time as my bones and muscles readjusted themselves. We all look forward to our adjustments. My boys, ages 5 and 7, have been adjusted by Dr. Rob for the past 5 years. We haven't had a single ear infection and colds and coughs move their way through quickly with the support of chiropractic care. I highly recommend Dr. Rob!

By Ray Saunders on 03/15/2016

-I thought chiropractors were frauds. After my wife started to go because of her hip from being pregnant I tried to talk her out of it. Then I looked more into chiropractic care. Then after some meetings with Dr. Coombs and receiving care I soon became a believer. His knowledge spans far beyond chiropractic care. Myself, my wife and two children all visit the office. Over the time that I have been going I feel like I am more like a friend then a patient. I can go on and on. If you want to visit a chiropractor give Coombs a shot. Have an open dialogue with him and you will be convinced.

By Anthony Licamara on 03/14/2016

-Very professional. Felt secure and understood the advice and information provided.

By Salvatore Buono on 03/08/2016

-The entire office made you feel very comfortable. I didn't feel like I was talking to a dr. But rather a friend.

By Jennifer Jordan on 03/04/2016

-Very thorough and awesome staff!

By Frank Tritini on 03/02/2016

-From the front desk to the final adjustment everyone at Coombs Chiropractic makes you feel taken care of.

By Anonymous on 01/27/2016

-it was great , very professional as always

By Kim Brue on 01/22/2016

-It was an excellent experience, the staff is well educated, cordial, efficient, and listens well to the patient. I will definitely be going back!

By Anonymous on 01/21/2016

-I liked the tour of the office. Everyone was so friendly. I also like how Dr. Coombs adjusts.

By Anonymous on 01/05/2016

-Great. I recommend them all the time.

By Ellen Vengelis on 11/18/2015

-I am so happy my daughter recommended Dr. Rob to me. My first visit was a very positive experience. Will definitely recommend him to others. Friendly office atmosphere.

By Kerin Oliveri on 10/30/2015

-Wonderful experience, considerate and educated staff. I felt very comfortable going in and had a wonderful experience. Dr. Coombs spoke to me in a manner I old understand and interrupted himself when I had a confused look on my face to see where he lost me. Awesome experience!

By Mary Borree on 10/27/2015

-Great experience - love the approach to wellness. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly.

By Tom Brennan on 09/17/2015

-Very friendly and professional staff. I'm very impressed with Dr. Rob so far. My first adjustment was excellent.

By Nicole Leggiero on 08/19/2015

-I was sore the next day as expected but I didn't wake up with a headache! Looking forward to my next visit.

By Todd Boucher on 08/13/2015

-Been going for years- good atmosphere and very knowledgeable. Knows how to approach problems differently depending on the situation rather than just using the same routine every time. Highly recommended.

By Anonymous on 08/12/2015

-Warm, welcoming, caring office. Dr Rob is great too!

By Ray Saunders on 08/12/2015

-I thought chiropractic care was a joke. Then I met doctor Rob Coombs. The knowledge he shared with me over the years has convinced me that chiropractic care is about health. It is not about getting your money and your back cracked. The more I learned about health on my own the more I realized doctor Coombs is for real.

By Kira Ribeiro on 08/12/2015

-Kira had a great night of sleep after her first visit with Dr. Coombs. Looking forward to the progress she will continue to make!

By Eve Epstein on 08/12/2015

-Dr. Rob and his staff are absolutely fantastic....professional, personable, knowledgeable. He is among the best chiropractors by whom I've been adjusted, he really goes the extra step to correct whatever is in need of correction, and explains what he is doing as well. Without Dr Rob, my son's wonderful natural birth would have wound up being a surgical one. He was able to gently help him turn from a breech position, and we are so so thankful. A unique, holistic practice, highly recommend.

By Anonymous on 08/06/2015

-It was good to get back. It was a wonderful experience "again"!!!!

By Georgette Mullen on 07/31/2015

-Friendly knowledgeable staff. Dr. Coombs is awesome! He is interested in your overall health and well being.

By Arlene Cardone on 07/31/2015

-Once again, Dr. Rob is a miracle worker. This visit I had stomach issues for 4 days after eating a salad in a mall. Dr. Rob worked on my tummy and adjusted me and problem solved. He is simply amazing!

By Susan Kennel on 07/30/2015

-As always my visits to Coombs chiropractic always have me leaving feeling very "well adjusted"! Fabulous dr. and staff.

By Michael John Herits on 07/29/2015

-Our experiences each time at the office are always wonderful. The staff is very welcoming, attentive, and helpful. Dr. Rob is very patient with our children, informative on their progress, and a true wealth of knowledge in the well being of our son and daughter. My wife and I have been patients there for many years and actively practice family wellness and care.

By Patrick Keefe on 07/16/2015

 -Team Coombs continues to make one feel like a cherished family member in need of comforting who visits then leaves with a renewed spirit.

By Christine McHugh on 07/16/2015

-I am very satisfied and pleased with Dr. Robb's competence, skill, and intelligence, along with his very kind and caring way in working with his patients.

By Anonymous on 07/14/2015

 -Everyone is fantastic!

By James Fitzgibbons on 07/14/2015

-As we get older, you have more aches and pains and I have tried other Chiropractors in the area and not found the relief, I had experienced from my old friend and Chiropractor from North Jersey, who moved to Florida. My wife and I now have less pain and more range of motion again. We are proud to call Dr. Rob a friend and a gifted healer who keeps our older age more productive than it had been prior to being his patient. Thank you Dr. Rob and your great caring staff.

By Tom Berger on 07/14/2015

-Excellent experience

By Leah Vitale on 07/14/2015

-So friendly and welcoming!



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  • ""I thank Dr. Rob and his staff for giving me the ability to enjoy my 3rd pregnancy and helping me achieve a natural delivery. Thank you for all of the encouragement, knowledge, and care you provided me throughout the months. ""
    - Liz